Jay Stollman

Musician and producer, Jay Stollman is an essential character on the East Coast music scene. He is a standout vocalist with a "fire and brimstone... take no prisoners" approach. Stollman performs in a broad range of styles, switching effortlessly between Blues Rock and Blue Eyed Soul. He's carved out a niche, not only as a gifted vocalist, but also as a dynamic entertainer and bandleader. The Jay Stollman Band has won over audiences around the world playing with the likes of James Brown, Wilson Pickett, Johnny Winter, Elton John, The Temptations, The Four Tops, Joan Osbourne, Bo Diddley and Blues Traveler. Recently, Jay has performed with the best of the current Blues community including Walter Trout, Mike Zito, Samantha Fish, Matt Schofield, Sonny Landreth, Butch Trucks, Albert Castiglia, Anders Osbourne, Debbie Davies, Ana Popovic, Ronnie Baker Brooks... and more. With powerhouse grooves and an electrifying front man, JSB has everything they need to move your spirit, your soul and your feet.

Jay Stollman's All-Star lineup always delivers and never disappoints. Jay's recent Special Guests have included Albert Collins' Alumnus Debbie Davies, 3-time British Blues Hall of Fame Guitarist Matt Schofield and Scott Spray from The Johnny Winter Band. Jay always fields a winning team... and leaves audiences entertained and wanting more!
Here's what they're saying about Jay Stollman...
“One of today’s most soulful and powerful blues singers. The real deal!” --- Johnny Winter
"You are the PERFECT guy to do this!" --- Edgar Winter - (after the Johnny Winter Remembrance Show at Buddy Guy's Legends, Chicago)
“You sing your ass off! I don't often hear "real" singers on the blues scene these days. It's normally dudes (like me) who mainly play guitar and do some singing too.  Looking forward to having you join us again!”
---Matt Schofield (3-Time British Blues Awards Guitarist Of The Year & British Blues Awards Hall of Fame)
“I gotta share how much fun last night was at BB King's club in NYC....I was a special guest in my buddy Jay Stollman's band. Jay is one of "those" singers, ya know? He's got it all...soul, tone, grit, and he rocked my socks off....and the crowd couldn't get enough of us!! I just gotta say that ya'll might wanna keep an eye out for this cat when he performs in your area!”  ---Debbie Davies - (Veteran Blues Artist, Former Albert Collins Guitarist)
"Jay Stollman can SAAAAAANG!!!!!! Not sing.......SAAAAAAANG!!!!!!!!!" ---Ronnie Baker Brooks - (Acclaimed Chicago Bluesman and son of Blues Legend, Lonnie Brooks)
"Sometimes when you go to see live music you get lucky and discover an opening band that does more than just warm the stage.  Such was the case at the legendary B.B. King’s while getting ready for The Johnny Winter Band.  Jay Stollman Blues Band blazed the trail with soulful blues and original tunes that had me looking around for his merchandise table.  Engaging stage presence coupled with a unique voice that grabs you as tight as Jay grabs his microphone, neither lets go and I am very much looking forward to his CD coming out this Fall!"   ---Ali Kaufman - (Morning  Mojo WCNI 90.9FM & Mystic Blues Festival) 
“Jay has a rare gift where his soul and passion for the blues become one very personal genre, unlike most with whom I’ve worked. It’s edgy yet polished; raunchy, yet very professional.  It’s always a pleasure to invite him onstage with me, when we find each other in the same town. I’m so happy knowing that he’s doing what he loves and knows best: THE BLUES à la JAY STOLLMAN” ---Jose Feliciano - (8 time Grammy Award Winning Artist)
"Jay Stollman's powerful and heartfelt voice gets the lyrics across believably whenever he opens his mouth." ---A.J. Wachtel - (Journalist/Reviewer - Blues E News)